Damselfly metamorphosis from damselfly nymphs, in my pond

I took these photos of Damselflies emerging from the Nymph state. Note the empty Nymph case beside the fresh Damselfly. The insect initially "inflates" the wings with green body fluid, which then disappears leaving the beautiful clear wing structure. They are easy to photograph as they are not yet ready to fly. I took the photos with my Nikon Coolpix 4500 (using the standard lens).

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DSCN7340.JPG DSCN7341.JPG Another one, just emerged. Note the wings are still folded up DSCN7365.JPG DSCN7367.JPG
Has some nice little aphid friends keeping company DSCN7368.JPG Cute? DSCN7369.JPG Empty nymph case.  Note the green hole behind the head from where the whole Damselfly emerged DSCN7371.JPG Note that the extreme tims of the wings are not yet fully inflated by the green liquid DSCN7373.JPG