Reading 2/. Come With Me       Read by Nina Robertson

Come with me, go with me
Burn with me, glow with me
Write me a sonnet or two
Sleep with me, wake with me
Give with me, take with me
Love me the way I love you.  

Let me get high with you
Laugh with you, cry with you
Be without you when I am blue
Rest with you, fight with you
Day with you, night with you
Love me whatever I do.  

Work with me, play with me
Run with me, stay with me
Make me your partner in crime
Handle me, fondle me
Cradle me tenderly
Say Im your reason and rhyme.  

Pray with me, sin with me
Love with me, win with me
Love me with all of my scars.
Rise with me, fall with me
Hide from it all with me
Nothing is mine now its ours.

            by Fran Landesman 1927 -