A Poem for Lavinia

You are the love of my life.
I am a lucky man indeed
That now youíll be my wife

Ours is no quick romance,
As yet to feel the test of years.
For We have already journeyed long,
And shared each otherís tears. 

Thankyou Lavinia
For teaching me to Love and Laugh.
And for being, the greatest friend
I ever met, upon my lifelong path.

In the presence of my friends
I choose to honour you this day.
And tell you that my love for you
Will last forever, Come what may.
    Richard Epworth August 17th 2008


For Richard on our Wedding Day

I hear you as a man of integrity never saying words that are false or dishonest for the sake of gaining favour.

I see you as a man of knowledge always seeking to broaden your horizons. A man with strong hands that are sensitive and practical. Hands that create beauty, repair things and stroke my hair when I am sad.

I see us as a couple who share our thoughts, our feelings, our interests, and our families. Who laugh together till the tears roll down our faces but share our tears of sadness too.

I see us as a couple never needing to live in each others shadow but always sure that we are never apart because we carry the other in our hearts.

I love you because you are gentle, wise, sensitive and kind and fun. You are both the little boy who your mother called Richard the Lion Heart and the grown man who when he holds me in his arms makes the world a better place.

          Lavinia, August 17th 2008