Body and Heart

The Fall
My Pride
Strawberry Fare
Farther Time
Non Sense
Lost Mother
Son et Lumiere
The Colour of Brown
The Man in the Manic
Grieve Not
Body and Heart
Planets Disease
Wanderer & The Eagle

My Body and my Heart were strangers, both of them to me.

Nothing of the other could each being see.

And now I dance and sing, and touch and cry and feel.


How many years I waited, strapped unto the wheel

of Destiny? Waiting aeons for the pain to break

The shell of understanding, and for me to awake.


My passion it has slumbered, like a whale in the deep,

And now it is a'stirring from it's unconscious sleep,

To rise unto the surface and the breaking of my heart,

To spurt and spout in glory and sing and cry and shout.


I know this path is dangerous but, my steps into the unknown

I know from my experience is the only time I've grown.

Sing, Dance, Cry, Shout, Feel, Love.

Richard Epworth, Circa 1990


Last updated 2007-10-19