The Colour of Brown

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The Colour of Brown
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( My thoughts on the exit of Prime Minister Tony Blair and the new Prime Minister Gordon Brown.
Most colours can be created by mixing coloured lights. The colour Brown is not one of these.)
Thereís no such colour as Brown
I see you are starting to frown
I know Iím a pain but let me explain:
Of all the colours of the rainbow
There never has once been a Brown glow
They tell us that Brown is a sensation
That can only be experienced in relation
To something else, a purer hue
Brown Earth next to Green grass and sky Blue
Gordon emerging against a background of Blair
Never has Brown seemed a colour so fair
But Brown can be down and dirty, and even somewhat soiled.
Though I hear that heís a sober man and hardly ever oiled.
When children play with multi-coloured Plastercine
It turns to mucky Brown
And we do the same,
As colourful Tony finally steps down.
Itís the colour of Sheffield after the rain
Glastonbury mud this year again
The colour of shit,
yes thatís it!
Now that we are finished with Gordon Blair cookery
All England prays for an end to the crookery
Less Gordon Ramsay and more Gordon Bleu
No more WMDs getting us down
Now that Brown Gordon is the top man in town.
No more rock-band front-man spinning the plates
Dishing out honours to the more generous of mates
What colour is Gordon?
We will just have to wait,
And see the colour of Brown

Richard Epworth July 21st 2007


Last updated 2007-10-19