The Man in the Manic

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The Man in the Manic
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(In memory of Eric Drake who taught me Physics at school and who died recently)
Eric Drake RIP, taught me Physics (plus a little Philosophee)
This odd little man, moved and spoke in jerks,
Giving his teaching a somewhat excessive clarity.
I’m living proof that it sort of works.
We boys called him Ernie because of his personality
Likened to the Premium Bond computer of that name.
“Precisely!” he would say.
Practiced Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, before it became a disorder.
He bore an unusual hairstyle on his shiny intelligent head,
Shaved high on his temples, to assist his regular Electro Convulsive Therapy,
Or so the boys said.
Yet beyond this little manic man, there was a fine teacher.
Wrote & directed school plays, musicals, played the organ in the chapel,
Ran marathons, never married, yet influenced a generation or two,
And Me. Thankyou.
“Splendid!” was his favourite word.
In that cold heartless boarding school,
He taught us to be passionate, in his, and our own way,
Though his style could seem absurd.
He warned us: “Dont become a sad Old Denstonian
Weeping for the days gone by,
At every annual school reunion”.
I have not
And would like to think I’ve “done him proud”
But I raised my kids My way,
A way he could not understand,
I sensed low marks from teacher
And it left with me a cloud.
So sadly I avoided him in recent years,
Old Physics had been our common bond,
And I developed wider interests,
And swam in a different pond.
Wondering now if his death will bring me tears.

Richard Epworth 2/3/2007


Last updated 2008-02-20