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Grieve not for me,
For then 'tis better that I were not born,
And had I not set foot upon this earth,
This sad moment would not be.
Grieve not for me,
For had I known what sadness
Would be caused by Love,
I would not have let thee Love me.
Grieve not for me,
For I am ever in the things I Love,
And when you dwell upon the thought of these,
I do embrace thee.
Grieve not for me, for I am free.
'Tis you who still are bound by earthly life,
While I am free to fly,
The world to see.
So if thou wouldst grieve,
Let the tears be for your self alone,
Proof of Love that we have shared
Together, in sweet days bygone.
To know you weep for yourself alone
May cause you pain and strife.
But Truth has power to set you free,
Before you leave this life.
Don't wait to follow me.

Richard Epworth, August 1987 v1.1

Richard Epworth

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