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(probably about the intellect, its power as an emotional analgesic, the unknown and that which is incomprehensible!)

When it comes to Physical feats
Homo Sapiens is easily beat.
Outrun by big cats
Outbred by brown rats.
Less strong than a Bull
When a load it does pull.
Our physical Senses arenít hot
Touch Taste Smell
Compared with what a dogís got
We canít follow a trail
While wagging our tail.
Our intellect is our strong bit
A remarkable bit of kit.
It allows us at length to speculate
About things both early and late.
Of what is over the wall,
Or in distant Bengal
Our imagination is just great!
Making Sense of our world
Is what We do.
We donít just experience life,
We have to understand it too.
Any experience,
However spurious,
Can be completely ďexplainedĒ
By anyone curious.
To modern humanity
The ďunexplainedĒ means dangerously occult,
A threat to our sanity.
Things for which there is no explanation
Must be feared for their senselessness,
A slippery slope to complete damnation.
Our fearlessness comes from what our logic predicts.
Confident steps into the future are easy,
When we rely on these tricks.
Then, once in a while something happens so big
Beyond all comprehension, beyond our imagining
Canít be made safe with our good old reasoning.
We are left bewildered, confused, in a daze
Perhaps with no deity against whom to rage.
The truth is things happen,
And some without reason.
The soothing magic of "the explanation",
Suddenly empty, powerless, Iím feeling Alone
A tiny vulnerable speck in an infinite creation.
Awaiting the time when that feeling has gone. 

Richard Epworth October 5th 2007


Last updated 2008-02-20