Son et Lumiere – “…In whom I am well pleased”

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(Prompted by the imminent marriage of my Son)

My tiny premature baby son has grown into a man.
By what miracle has he grown so tall? By what plan?
I somehow missed it, recall the steps I cannot.
Gone forever in a haze of parental exhaustion.
For a while we all lost the plot.
So many memories return again
Some so full of bliss
Others full of pain.
Bunked off school a lot,
Really took the piss
Rebelled against Dad’s sensible career,
Music was his passion.
So became a Sound Engineer
Son et Lumiere (Sound and Light)
Both he and I, Sound Engineers in different ways
And sometimes we would fight.
Yet he brought music to the ear.
For years I felt I failed him,
Letting him slide off the rails.
And now it seems
He’s found his own true path
And become the best of males.
Soon he takes a wife, to have and to hold.
Since reaching thirty, became quite bold
In his transformation from party boy,
To man, with plan to build a home.
A nest perhaps for a son of his own
That he too might feel the incredible joy
That I had with him, when he was but a boy
I am so proud beyond words,
Cannot hold my urgent tongue
Bursting to tell of his latest deeds
This is my dear son,
Grown from seed.

June 29th 2007


Last updated 2008-02-20